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Middle East Weather

Use our interactive Middle East weather map now to get accurate and reliable weather information for the whole of the Middle East. In general terms, Middle East weather is arid and hot – with temperatures regularly climbing above 40 degrees during summer.

Many areas of the Middle East are becoming popular holiday destinations, with Dubai and Qatar making efforts to attract European and American holidaymakers. These areas are also becoming a popular emigration destination – with growing economies and consistent weather proving an attractive proposition. If you are planning to move or holiday in the region, check the Middle East weather map for average temperatures and plan your visit.

Dubai Weather

Although it’s not the only holiday and emigration destination in the Middle East, Dubai is certainly the most popular. Dubai weather, like the rest of Middle East weather, is typically arid, dry, hot and windy with average maximum temperatures reaching upwards of 40 degrees in the summer.

Find Middle East weather and much more

As well as providing full details of all Middle East weather, we also offer further information on each individual country. Simply click on the chosen country to reveal further information on local currencies, languages, laws, capital cities, populations and much more.

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