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Weather in Caribbean and Central America

The Central America region is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, hosting numerous resorts in countries like Mexico, Belize and the Bahamas. The most popular holiday resorts in this area are those in the Caribbean. To review the weather in Caribbean as well as the rest of Central America, simply hover your mouse over the chosen country to see both the average maximum and minimum temperatures for each month.

Caribbean Weather Forecast

Being close to the Equator, the average temperatures in Central America and the Caribbean are generally very high, with the Mercury consistently pushing up to the high 30’s in the summer months. The weather in Caribbean can also be affected by tropical storms and, in some areas, a lot of rainfall. These climatic conditions have led to the region becoming a hotspot for biodiversity.

If you are planning a holiday or extended trip to Central America it pays to look into the Caribbean weather forecast in advance as the weather in Caribbean can change radically month on month. Use our interactive map above to research the different weather conditions month-on-month.

Weather in Caribbean and much more

As well as providing a detailed Caribbean weather forecast we also have a lot of information regarding each country in Central America so that you are armed with enough local information to plan a safe and enjoyable holiday. Simply click on the chosen country to reveal information like local currencies, spoken languages, tourist hotspots and much more.

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