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Weather in Australia

Our interactive weather map is designed to provide full information for the weather in Australia and all the other countries and territories that make up Australasia. If you’re planning a trip or even looking to move to Australia, find out the average maximum and minimum temperature in Australia as well as a detailed overview of the weather in Australia.

Hover your mouse over the different countries of Australasia to find out the different average temperatures and individual weather in Australia information.

Temperature in Australia

The average temperature in Australia can vary drastically, going from 30 degrees in the summer to minimums of 8 degrees in winter. It also worth nothing that the Australian weather seasons are different to Northern Hemisphere seasons, with the Australian summer running from November to February.

As well as providing the temperature and weather in Australia, we also feature more details regarding all the countries in Australasia so you can plan your trip with ease. Simply click on the country of interest to reveal useful information including different currencies, capital cities and populations as well as local tourist hotspots and points of interest.

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