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African Weather

Use our interactive map to discover African weather information. Africa is second only to Asia in terms of continent size and population numbers – making up a fifth of all of the Earth’s surface area and accounting for around 15% of the world’s population.

Due to its size, African weather changes dramatically depending on the country. Central and Northern regions get the hottest weather, with average temperatures of around 45 degrees. The further south you go though, the less oppressive the heat - with areas of South Africa dipping to barely above freezing in the winter months.

To see African weather forecasts in detail for each country, simply hover the mouse over your chosen country to reveal the average maximum and minimum temperatures.

African weather map

Our African weather map is perfect for planning a visit to any part of Africa. You can easily plan a visit around the weather and climatic conditions that suit you by referring to our African weather map.

African weather forecasts and much more

As well as providing accurate African weather forecasts, we also offer detailed information regarding every country featured on our African weather map. Simply click on the chosen country to reveal useful information regarding local currencies, laws, politics and other stats along with local tourist destinations and points of interest.

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